Bozeman Real Estate Group

Finding the home of your dreams is a big decision and having great tools to use is very important. When Bozeman Real Estate Group came to us looking for a sharp brand and an amazing website we got excited.  Sure a property search is cool and a blog is nice but how can we make that experience engaging and fun?  Here is what we came up with.

It all starts with the brand

We wanted this brand to feel modern, professional but have the feel of what makes Bozeman a place people want to live.  A neutral palette combining the imagery of both their industry and what makes this place an amazing place to live.

A better way to search

Why have a map search or list search when you can have both?  Giving users the ability to view their searches in both views simultaneously gives them a visual and interactive experience far better then a typical real estate site.

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 10 40 09 Am

A beautiful blog.

Filters, large images and tons of great content allow Bozeman real estate group to showcase their expertise and the benefits of home ownership in Gallatin County.

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 10 50 47 Am

Open houses updated daily

Everyday hop on and see what open houses are coming up throughout the entire MLS.  

Meet the agents

Picking the right agent is as important as picking the right house.  Fine the perfect person to fit your home buying team!

All property information you need to create a conversion

Simple, beautiful, and clean property pages that showcase the all the most important information and get the user to contact the agency.

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