Dee O Gee

Dee-O-Gee has been a client of Prime for years, and recently, we have stepped it up, partnering with them as they grew and expanded their business.


Creating a strong brand that showcases the love of furry friends, community involvement, and just plain fun.

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Dee-O-Gee's website has evolved a lot over the years, but now with a fully formed e-commerce store, it went to a whole different level. With one of the best blogs in the industry and tons of great resources, the site is a lot more than a place to get a phone number. Sign up for classes, buy the first fur ball a new toy, or find the nearest dog park. is a fantastic tool for any pet owner.

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When Dee-O-Gee started producing Wo Design products, they came to us at Prime to help make them stand out on the shelf. With a portion of each sale going to help Ethiopian orphaned children, this passion project was easy to get behind. A stark black and white package to offset the bright and vibrant Wo Bone and Wo Disc helped the product stand out on busy retail shelves.

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