Miller Dining Hall

Miller Dining Hall was just that, a dining hall, on the campus of Montana State University. It was a place for people to eat and get on with their day to day. Nothing horrible, nothing great, nothing inviting people to hang out, have a good conversation or enjoy a Cappucino.

To say that things have changed is a major understatement. Under the guidance of MSU Food Service, Miller Dining Hall underwent a major architectural and design overhaul. What was once commonly referred to as the Food Schwag is now a culinary destination on campus. New restaurant venues were conceived, designed and developed to offer students and faculty everything from wood-fired pizza to a Mongolian grill to fresh baked bread - and yes, a coffee and espresso bar as well.

That all sounds awesome, right? And now you're hungry - but what did all of us here at PRIME have to do with Miller and why is it on our website? We only took all the venues and designed every detail associated with the signs for the places, environmental graphics, vinyl wall wraps, way-finding and even some handy work on a giant chalkboard menu. And we had to do it really, really, really fast! As a late addition to the project, we were able to design, source and produce - as well coordinate installation of all the graphics and signage in a four month period.

Miller Dining Hall now serves four times as many meals, compared to before the renovation. The food is great. Yes, we've dined there a few times. We can go there when you come visit. The look and feel of the space are inviting and open, and of course, while looking around at all the venues and options, what do you see? Some mighty fine design work!

The MSU team is downright amazing to work with, and we have since worked with them on other projects around campus. We are currently working on naming, designing and developing all the signage for the new (yet unnamed) dining facility on campus. You'll be seeing that up here on the PRIME website roughly the end of 2018. Stay tuned!