Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Rocky Mountain Credit Union, located in Helena, Bozeman, and Butte, Montana works with members to help them achieve their financial goals. But it's not just about the finances; it's about becoming a partner and friend to their members and working with them through all life's big events.

Partner is a suitable word to describe our relationship with RMCU. However, a family is better. We feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with everyone at all the branches.

Back in the day, 2014, we sat down with RMCU and chatted about their marketing situation, their goals and who they wanted to have as valuable members of the credit union. We crafted a plan, went back and forth a few times, working collaboratively with their team, and finally agreed to work together to make things happen.

Over the course of our relationship, we have redefined the RMCU brand, the look and feel, the website, and overhauls of all the major products that RMCU offers. Through countless hours of working with their management and business development team, we have continued to grow the membership year after year consistently. RMCU was able to successfully merge with another credit union and plan on building another branch.

We know that our marketing, media buy and digital strategy have all played a part in increasing the awareness and reach of what RMCU offers their members. The deliverables are too many to mention, both in the print and digital side, but if you want to chat it up about the details, give us a call!

In the end, we are more proud of the relationship we've built with RMCU, and the back and forth trust that we have established. We've been able to come up with better ideas, push the envelope, and think outside that box that's outside the box, all with the full partnership and commitment from the RMCU team.