Coldwell Banker RCI

Coldwell Banker RCI came to us looking to upgrade the look and feel of their website and improve their marketing presence, precisely, their local marketing. We custom designed and developed a website using a RETS feed, loading real estate listings. It allowed visitors to engage with the website, and to find their perfect home. We then developed a variety of custom web-based tools that keeps visitors engaged and educated on the local real estate market.


Working with a raw RETS feed from the MLS gave us the ability to design a custom layout to display the listings. We took advantage of the opportunity, built everything from scratch, and created a winning design that works cohesively with the rest of the website.

Map Search

We were able to create a variety of ways to search listings, including a map search. The first populates Coldwell Banker RCI's listings, and then continually adds additional listings that fit within the search criteria. Increasing efficiency, this reduced load times by confining the number of listings that initially load. Instead of querying thousands of listings, it just pulls one-hundred listings


Consistently updated content, in the form of the blog, has resulted in a large uptick in traffic to the site. As we narrowed down topics and posted on a regular basis, traffic increased with defined target markets. We utilized inbound marketing strategies including content offers blogs focused on keywords, a persona driven campaigns.


In working with the raw MLS data, we were able to create some interactive pages about popular neighborhoods. These pages talk about community amenities and display the currently available listings.


Traffic growth from the old website to the new website has been off the charts. In the first twelve months alone, organic traffic grew 135% and had continued steadily in the months that followed. Today, we continue to research and target new keywords, bringing in new website visitors.