The Challenge

There are two topics that never seem to go out of style in Bozeman--the housing market and the weather. And in a market as competitive as Bozeman, Montana, the new Bozeman Real Estate Group needed a way to stand out. See, Real estate offices in Bozeman are like Starbucks in Seattle, so we knew we needed to showcase the company’s stand-out culture, real estate knowledge, community involvement, and all-around love for the quality of life Bozeman offers.

The Prime Fix

We started by getting to know the team and the vision they had for the company. We then set out to create an easily identifiable logo that represents the community and the industry they serve. Once we had our logo, we created the digital foundation for their marketing--a new website that includes a custom Multiple Listing Service (MLS) integration that pulls all property listing data in real time. This streamlines the user experience, offering them different property types while getting them up-to-date pricing and details for each listing.

To give both the staff and the site visitors a leg up on the competition, we integrated some analytical tools, too. Possibly the most impressive was a market report page, giving visitors a glimpse into where Bozeman Real Estate is trending. Internally, the website made it really easy to track data and generate new leads through custom forms. Once Bozeman Real Estate group had a website, we knew it needed to be supported by a killer content marketing strategy to drive visitors to the site. We organized potential real estate clients into groups and laid out a content plan to target each one specifically.

The Result

With a strong brand, handsome and resourceful website, and a company culture that reflects the laid-back, fun-loving lifestyle at the heart of it all, Bozeman Real Estate Group has been one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Bozeman. The website has been a massive tap for leads and the content found on their website is being shared across a variety of social media channels.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime