Dee-O-Gee appeals to the furry at heart—the ones who know pets are part of the family and want to spoil them accordingly with the best products on the market. While they’re partial to man’s official best friend, Dee-O-Gee is sure to have everything to care for your four-legged friends. With all-natural food and treat options, drool-worthy toys, daycare, and a full-service grooming salon, Dee-O-Gee is your one-stop-shop for all things mutt-related.

Since working with Prime, Dee-O-Gee has thrust a foot into the franchise world, opening additional locations in both Bozeman and Billings, Montana. We’ve had a chance to brand quite a few of their own products and continue to expect great things from this dogtopia--cause it’s never a dog-eat-dog world when you’re on top.

While continuing to work with Dee-O-Gee, we have the opportunity to expand the look and feel of their brand with print, web and digital marketing collateral without a major brand overhaul. From product launches to event promotions, we’ve focused on a cohesive, across-the-board marketing strategy to dig-up even more excitement and increase the popularity of this growing puppy paradise.