The Challenge

When you get the chance to work with the largest carpeted shopping mall west of the Mississippi, you can’t turn that one down, right?

We were initially approached by Gallatin Valley Mall to create a new logo and website (version one) to bring them up to speed and give them an attractive look that would draw potential store partners to set-up shop in the new mall. Since those first projects, we’ve built a wonderful relationship with the GVM over the years, and continue to be there for whatever they need, from small graphics to kiosk displays and website updates.

The Prime Fix

We set out on our mission with the goal of creating a strong base brand for the GVM with enough flexibility that, like any fashion worth its salt, could change with the seasons. There are also several community events that the Mall puts on, so when they needed a version of their logo for things like blood drives or cancer support events, we jumped to contribute by customizing the logo and support materials that would effectively push the events on digital and print platforms. After a year or so of collaboration, they have a library of logos they can use for everything from Back to School to Christmas and Easter!

The website, build on a content management system, has gone through a few versions and updates, adding functionality for the stores and staff to easily update content on a regular basis. In a dynamic market, the Prime web team knew GVM would need a flexible solution that provided them with everything they needed to update the base color scheme, text, photos, as well as additional web pages. So that’s exactly what we did.

The Results

Being in the shopping mall industry is no easy feat in today’s online world. The Gallatin Valley Mall knew it needed to be progressive in the approach to their marketing. They realized they needed a brand that would attract new stores, as well as provide web solutions to increase their digital presence and help those stores market themselves better in the area. Their modern new logo is now prominently displayed over every entrance, and the new website is doing exactly what it’s supposed to! Inside the Gallatin Valley Mall, everything works together to create a cohesive and fresh look, from directional signs, to their main information kiosk, all the way down to the restroom signs We gotta say, the designers at Team Prime earned their stripes on this one!!

Work With Prime

Work With Prime