With all of Prime’s staff being MSU alumni (go Cats!), it’s pretty safe to say we were more than a little pumped to work with our Alma Mater. We take a lot of pride in working with the Bobcat Club, who takes the lead in raising funds for athletic scholarships that allow students to succeed in both on the field and in the classroom.

A love like this lasts a long time, and our partnership with the Bobcat Club is nearing its ten-year mark. We birthed the original brand, marketing materials, and website, and have continued to evolve those pieces over the years. We’ve since developed a new brand and a shiny new website for them to showcase their cause and fundraising efforts.

Our creativity and their important message are displayed every year as we work with the Bobcat Club team to come up with a unique season ticket drive for MSU football (did we mention...go Cats!) This was the main outreach to existing and potential season ticket holders. We feel proud of the part we played to help fill nearly 22,000 stadium seats! We think having the best football team around doesn’t hurt, either.