The Challenge

There are few organizations as noble as Prospera, which we’re lucky enough to have right here in good old Bozeman. Along with the Women’s Business Center, they help both new and existing businesses with growth-focused financing options, along with specialized business training. Pretty rad, eh?!

While they’re pretty great, their website, on the other hand, needed a complete rebuild to take care of business from an outside perspective and as an integrated tool for the staff to use. It needed to easily accept payments and event registration, and keep things organized on the membership side, too.

The Prime Fix

We shot out the gate with a modern and unique user interface that would allow members and potential members to get the information they needed as easily as possible. A polished content management system allowed them to edit content on their own as needed, and with a little coding magic, we integrated their CRM with the site to streamline the staff’s process. Finally, updated search engine optimization now has them right where they belong, at the top and easy to find.

The Results

Prospera now has full control of a beautiful, digital experience. With inspiring success stories, interactive calendars, invoice payments, and a complete member directory, they now have the site their visitors deserve. They also have the tools to measure and act upon success as they work with their target market.

Work With Prime

Work With Prime

Economic Profile

Prospera has been publishing the Economic Profile for Gallatin and Park Counties for years, but knew it was time to spice up the publication back in 2016.

With a lot of elbow grease from our designers and some digging from their researchers, we were able to compile a breadth of data—non-labor income stats, direct flights to Bozeman, even manufacturing employment numbers. It’s one thing to uncover the data, it’s another thing to make it look pretty. But you better believe that’s exactly what we did. We presented Prospera’s data in a way that was easily digestible and eye-catching in both print and digital capabilities. This publication is offered to members as a holistic look of the economy of Gallatin and Park Counties, helping them forecast for their business. It helps members predict what’s coming next for area residents and fellow business owners, as well as serving as a sort-of relocation guide for potential residents and business owners alike. To take a gander at this year’s publication, you can visit