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At Prime, we believe in using the Inbound Philosophy for every marketing strategy we create. It means your customers should come to you, instead of burning your resources (and yourself) out trying to track them down in the void. By adding value at every stage of the customer life-cycle, you attract qualified customers through blogs, search engines, and social media. The Inbound Marketing Philosophy means using your unique industry expertise to your advantage. By zeroing-in on your ideal customer’s pain-points, you become their most trusted resource, a refuge to their problems that establishes trust, credibility, and brand loyalty.

Inbound marketing strategies are unique to each of our client’s goals. Whether you need a dynamic mix of traditional and digital marketing, or are ready to dive fully into digital marketing, we can take care of that all under one roof. When it comes to digital marketing our favorite tool is HubSpot, we are a HubSpot Partner after all. HubSpot allows us to fully integrate our digital marketing with your website, create easy to use landing pages that capture lead information, automate email marketing, track and keep detailed lead information, schedule social media posts, and keeps all these real time results in one place. We love that we can watch our strategy in action and tailor each step of the buyer’s journey as we understand what’s most effective.

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Here in Montana, “branding” has a few different meanings. But don’t worry, ours has nothing to do with livestock, but it does have to do with making a distinctive mark—but that’s only the beginning. Branding isn’t just one thing, it’s the comprehensive experience you create for your audience. There’s a reason why, when you think of the most successful brands in the world, you think of more than just their products. Nike is about more than their latest pair of Jordans, it’s about a dedication to the “Just Do It,” attitude. Carrying around a cup of Starbucks isn’t about coffee, it’s about a more luxurious lifestyle. And buying Apple isn’t about owning computers and iPhones, it’s about sporting the badge of an innovator and early adopter. Seeing the pattern? Each organization knows exactly how to tailor the look, smell, sound, and feel of their brand to the deep desires of their ideal customers.

Here in the Prime Office, we know how to do just that. We’ve done our homework, know the strategy, and are ready to roll on building your brand. It’s no easy feat, but it’s one we’ve done again and again with a process we’ve perfected. We’ll give you plenty of homework, so be prepared for some serious business soul-searching. We’ll use your feedback to create a brand identity that is unique and attention getting, but more importantly, that taps into your ideal customer’s desires. We believe in our process, and we promise you’ll love the results.

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Graphic Design

Our bread and butter have always been graphic design. With an office full of creatives and six Graphic Design Degrees under our collective belt, we pride ourselves on our innovative expertise. We’ve lost count on the number of logos we’ve designed, walls we’ve wrapped, and custom signs we’ve created for clients--and it doesn’t stop there. Our favorite projects are the ones that require a little MacGyvering and a lot of collaborate effort. Lucky for us, we’ve got a team of people who thrive off a challenge and welcome some creative heavy-lifting. We’re big believers that environmental design is a perfect way to level-up any branding project.

When it comes to crafting a brand experience, we don’t just think outside the box, we take a sledgehammer to it. Want to see what we mean? Click the link below to experience a few of our design projects.

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Web Development

Web development at Prime Incorporated starts with your needs. Even with the best tools around today, your website becomes a pretty brochure rather than an essential piece of your marketing strategy if you’re lacking a well-defined plan and goals.

Which is exactly why we’ll ask:

  1. Why do you feel you need a website?
  2. Who are you trying to “speak to” with your website?
  3. What are the goals you want to accomplish with your website and how do you want to measure them?
  4. If you’ve had a website in the past, what do you feel worked well and what would you like to improve?
  5. Do you like tacos? Margaritas?? (Ok, so maybe we don't ask this one every time...)

Edit Your Own Site

Our whole goal is to set you up for success. That’s why we build all our sites on content management systems. These easy-to-use systems allow you to edit your site whenever and wherever you are without breaking a sweat (as long as you’re on the internet). If you can open and edit a Word document, you’ll be able to edit any websites we create. We build your website with structure and blocks, so you can create new pages and organize content however you desire. If you need a new block, we’ll whip it up for you in a jiff.

Reach Ideal Customers on Any Device

Our websites are fully responsive, so they’ll always reach your customers, no matter what device they’re using. Our approach to building responsive sites is based on size, not individual phones or tablets. This means that when your customer buys the latest whiz-bang phone or tablet, your website will still look awesome, every time.

Tap into Comprehensive Data and Search

All that pretty marketing doesn’t mean much if you can’t determine its success. We do an initial SEO content scrub and make sure we’re constantly up on the latest and greatest requirements to help with your search results. We set up Google Analytics on all our sites, so you can measure where your traffic is coming from and know where to best invest your resources. Remember all those questions we asked at the jump? This is why. Each bit of information is a tiny gold nugget that ensures our sites are both aesthetically stunning while crushing your marketing goals.

Trust in a Process that’s Proven (Hint: It’s Ours)

We’ve never been one to rest on our laurels. Our process has been tested and continually refined over the last five years and 100 plus websites. Since the beginning, we’ve remained spry, kept what works, scrubbed it till it’s perfect, and tossed the rest out with the bathwater.

Since this is all about setting you up for success, we’ll also train you to easily use your content management system for editing your site. And if you ever need help, all you need to do is shoot us a quick email or give us a call and we’ll take care of business!

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